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Status: In development 2012.

SEA-TV is developing a major documentary biography on Tristan Jones. We have published two productions on Tristan and recently won an award for the newly revised The Incredible Tristan Jones. These productions were based on an interview and an appearaqnce by Tristan. Now we want to produce a comprehensive documentary on his life. Between SEA-TV and Henry Wagner (Tristan’s close friend and supporter) we have many of Tristan's documents including his notes, logs, photos and video. Much of this has still not been seen by the general public.

In addition, we want to interview as many people as possible who were involved in Tristans life: those who were inspired by him, his critics, his close friends. Henry is desirous of having this production made because he is concerned that many of those who knew Tristan well may pass on without their stories ever being captured. So now is the time! In spite of his critics, Tristan’s spirit lives on. He inspired countless people to change their lives “ to venture further.” Henry can testify to this from seeing the hundreds of people who visited Tristan at Henrys Sailors Bookshelf booth at the major boat shows.


We are looking for private funding for this production so we can tell it our way. From Bequia in the Caribbean to the UK to South America to Thailand, we want to interview and document as many people as we can who were involved in his incredible, adventurous life. To do all this we need serious funding for development and production expenses, travel, video equipment, editing, etc. Our budget estimate is $200,000 to produce a high quality documentary. If you can help or know anyone who can, please contact us at SEA-TV.

Contributors will be thanked in the credits for the show. Major contributors who want to invest in the production are welcome and will receive a percent of the gross profits from the production. Be warned, documentaries typically do not produce high profits. Your biggest reward will be the satisfaction that Tristan’s story will be told to the world in time. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Chip Croft
Executive Producer
SEA~TV Productions
Los Angeles, CA  USA