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Brand New Release!
James A. Michener’s: Adventures in Paradise
$39.95 Per 8 DVD Set
- 24 Episodes Per Set!
(3 episodes per DVD, a total of 24 episodes per set!)
Set 1: Price $39.95, $4.00 shipping US & Canada
Set 2: Price $39.95, $4.00 shipping US & Canada
Set 3: Price $39.95, $4.00 shipping US & Canada
Buy All Three Sets for $110.00 and get free shipping!
*US & Canada only.
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Buy Set 1 - $39.95 + $4.00 Shipping (US & Canada only)

Buy Set 2 - $39.95 + $4.00 Shipping (US & Canada only)

Buy Set 3 - $39.95 + $4.00 Shipping (US & Canada only)
Buy All 3 Sets - $110.00 + Free Shipping (US & Canada only)

Remember the fabulous old TV show, Adventures in Paradise? It was a television hit over 40 years ago that inspired many people to take up sailing and cruising. Each season, for four years, you could join Captain Adam Troy aboard his 82 ft. schooner, Tiki, carrying passengers and cargo throughout the South Pacific. There were romantic, exotic adventures in Tahiti, Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands.

Well the famous 1959 to1962 TV show is now available on three DVD sets. Nearly all of the episodes are captured on eight DVDs that are in each set, with a total of twenty-four TV shows per set. The charismatic Gardner Mckay stars as Captain Troy and has support from numerous guest stars and famous character actors of the time such as Tuesday Weld, Claude Akins, Lon Channey, Eva Gabor, Carroll O’Conner, Vincent Price, vince Edwards, Gina Rowlands and many more. Troy, a veteran of the Korean War, became involved in all kinds of adventures featuring fortune hunters and freebooters as well as a host of beautiful women.

The series is in black & white but you don’t need much imagination to see the turquoise blues of the South Pacific and the swaying green coconut palms. The compelling stories are very well written by James Michner and guest writers. The series was based on Michner’s book Tales of the South Pacific.

We find this a relaxing, refreshing enjoyable series. If you’re not sure, buy the first set and you’ll be hooked.


Harvey Gamage

Harvey Gamage

Harvey Gamage

Harvey Gamage


High Seas Schooner : Voyage of the Harvey Gamage  
(DVD) Price $29.95

High Seas Schooner: Voyage of the Harvey Gamage is the thrilling story of a voyage on the 95 ft. classic rigged schooner Harvey Gamage as it sails from the Virgin Islands to Bermuda to Gloucester. The sail is smooth and pleasant out of the tropics to Bermuda. Then, in the North Atlantic, she hits heavy weather, up to 30 ft. seas and 50 knot winds. You’ll feel like you are onboard, a part of the crew, as they wrestle with the sails, rigging breaks and blocks foul aloft.

If you have ever wanted to sail the high seas on a classic schooner this documentary will enthrall you. You'll feel what it's like to be out there in the open ocean with towering, confused seas and constantly changing weather - conditions that challenge a crew's abilities and limits. This one is wet and wild!

High Seas Schooner also illustrates the beauty of the old classic rigged coastal wooden schooners that used to work the seas carrying freight and passengers over a hundred years ago. David Berson, author for Ocean Navigator and Sailing Magazine and a celestial navigation expert, hosts along with a cast of fascinating crew members. Art Kimberly, former owner and skipper of the famous brigantine, ‘Romance’, is aboard and you’ll see him go aloft in very heavy seas!

High Seas Schooner has incredible footage of the beauty of the sea, both calm and raging. There’s a swim in the middle of the ocean, lots of dolphin and you’ll experience life aboard a sea going wooden ship. Armchair sailors to veteran captains will thrill to this incredible documentary.

From Review in “Good Old Boat” magazine by Bob Wood:
“This superb work should become a classic. As documentary journalism, it is exceptional. As art, its composition, camera-work, music, and voice-over blend naturally into a captivating tale. 

A special mention on the camera-work. The Harvey Gamage’s sea-motion in heavy seas is so realistic that your stomach will feel the heavy schooner’s deck rise and drop as it beats to weather. 

“High Seas Schooner’ is an honest glimpse at traditional passage making; the interplay between man and inexorable elements. An emotional and physical work of wild beauty and bold sailors, the video speaks loudly to all who celebrate kinship to the sea.
Concluding the journey in a quiet harbor with Berson’s reflections, the epic left me spellbound and thoughtful, wanting more. I would not have missed it for the world.” 

Running time: 90 minutes plus!

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America's Cup 1983
New 25th Anniversary Edition!

(DVD) Price $29.95

The America's Cup that changed everything!  

Australia II skippered by John Bertrand beats Dennis Conner's Liberty to end the longest winning streak in sports history!   This is a unique view of Newport and the Aussie victory shot before the big networks dominated the Cup coverage. As a bonus it also includes a never before seen interview with John Bertrand the skipper of the victorious Australia II. John talks about what it took to win the Cup and about the psychology of winning in life.

Running time 72 min.  

For overseas orders, place order in regular manner and we will send an electronic invoice for any additional shipping charges (you can pay this invoice with any major credit card or via Paypal).

Learn the Racing Rules with David Dellenbaugh
(2 DVD Set) Price $59.95
Click to View Trailer

The fastest, easiest way to learn...
the 2005 to 2008 international yacht racing rules!

This two DVD set is the best way to learn the 2005 to 2008 international
yacht racing rules. Learn The Racing Rules is written and narrated by
David Dellenbaugh, winning America's Cup tactician, Chairman of the
US Sailing Rules Committee, Senior Rules Judge and internationally
recognized rules expert..

Learn The Racing Rules, Part 1 explains all the basic right-of-way
rules that you need to know while racing, plus their general limitations. Part 2
explains the often-confusing rules that apply when you approach marks and
obstructions. Each includes the text of all rules and definitions
discussed, plus reference to international appeals cases.

Whether you race a big boat or one-design, as a skipper or crew,
Learn The Racing Rules will help you understand the rules so you will
feel more confident around other boats and more in control of your race.
Great for junior programs and helps experienced racers to win more

Part 1 Basic Right of Way Rules
Part 2 Rules at Marks & Obstructions
Running time: 60 minutes each DVD!

geoff_hunt_dvd.jpg (940392 bytes)

Award Winning Documentary!
Geoff Hunt: Portrait of a Marine Artist 
(DVD) Price $29.95

This visually stunning documentary offers rare insight into the brilliant artist who painted all twenty-one covers for Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin novels.

This is not your typical documentary. SEA~TV was given total access to Geoff's art and his studio to record everything from his creative process to his painting technique. This production offers rare insight into the workings of a world class artist and his association with Patrick O'Brian.

Geoff Hunt's engaging personality puts the viewer on a personal level with the artist as he tells how he first heard about Patrick O'Brian to how he was chosen to be the artist honored with painting all of the classic book covers. He chronicles his evolution from a book cover illustrator to become one of the top marine fine artists in the world today.

While we are certain this documentary will thrill the millions of O'Brian readers, we also expect to attract an entirely new audience to art, history and the literature of the Age of Sail and the Napoleonic wars. This is a high quality production that is visually appealing and informative while fascinating enough to make you want to see more.

Running time: 60 minutes

painting_in_the_studio.jpg (791445 bytes)  

Geoff Hunt:Painting in the Studio 
(DVD) Price $19.95
During production of the documentary, Geoff Hunt: Portrait of a Marine Artist, SEA~TV was allowed full access to Hunt's studio. During two days of the production Geoff allowed a rare, candid shoot of his work in progress. Geoff was beginning the sketch for a painting, which would ultimately be titled First Shots. It depicts the first cannon shots fired at Lord Nelson's ship, Victory, as it approached the famous Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

In Geoff Hunt: Painting in the Studio, we join Geoff as he is sketching and then he goes on to begin painting the ship, the sails, the sky and the sea. He describes his technique and explains how he builds a painting and achieves the accuracy and detail. Then we see him six months later at work on the final painting. This video also contains commentary from marine art expert and gallery owner, J. Russell Jinishian. It is a rare chance to watch a world-class artist create a painting in its crucial formative stages and see how it emerges into the final painting. Informative, excellent for artists and aspiring artists.

Running time: 45 minutes

tristan_jones_2.jpg (90270 bytes)

Tristan Jones: The Psychology of Adventure
(DVD) Price: $29.95
In this video Tristan is speaking at the New York Open Center about his voyage down the Rhine and Danube rivers through Eastern Europe in the time of the Iron Curtain. During this adventure, which is featured in his book The Improbable Voyage. Tristan is in the process of a highly difficult voyage eastward around the world aboard his 40 foot trimaran, Outward Leg.Tristan, having had one leg amputated, undertook the voyage to inspire other disabled people, thus the name of his boat.

Tristan saw the vulnerability of Communism during this voyage and predicted the fall of the Communist leaders and the triumph of democracy long before most Westerners ever realized that it might possibly happen. He also experienced the dangers of sailing in such a region when the Czech harbor police set-up a collision that nearly sank Outward Leg.

You are it given a rare glimpse into the life of the author who wrote eighteen books and numerous magazine articles on sailing and his often-controversial adventures. Tristan was an immensely inspiring writer and speaker. His books are inspiring, well-written and worth reading today. Very little footage exists of Tristan and you will see that he was a great entertainer as well as a writer. He loved a live audience, loved to make them laugh, and he held them in the palm of his hand. This is one of his great in-person performances. Contains rare photos plus rare footage of Tristan sailing Outward Leg.

Running time: 50 minutes

Tristan_Jones.jpg (1277082 bytes)

New Revised Edition!

The Incredible Tristan Jones 
(DVD) Price: $29.95
Tristan died at the age of 71 in June, 1995. He rarely ever appeared on camera, but he felt that this video portrayed him honestly and was a classic. If you have never read his books you will still find this a fascinating encounter. If you are a fan of his books this interview will bring the legend alive and give you further insight into this fascinating, brilliant and complex man.

Tristan Jones is the author of 18 books on his sailing adventures such as The Incredible Voyage, ICE!, Adrift, Saga of a Wayward Sailor, and To Venture Further. His books recount his incredible adventures such as sailing on the lowest and highest bodies of water in the world, sailing up the Amazon and being locked in the Arctic ice for over a year, as well as surviving tremendous personal hardships in order to continue his writing. Tristan's writing is unique, spellbinding and inspiring. He writes of more than adventure and accomplishment. He may write off an ocean crossing in a mere paragraph to concentrate on the richness of humanity, history and world cultures that he finds through his adventures.

This rare encounter with Tristan succeeds in capturing the fascinating personality and soul of the man behind the pen. Every bit as exciting as his adventures, Tristan stands as one of the world's greatest old salts. An extraordinary exponent of living, with courage, on the edge. This riveting video is loaded with Tristan's adventures, humor, opinions and yarns. He talks of a dangerous encounter with a whale, smuggling, trimarans, sailing alone, other famous sailors and on being disabled.

Running time: 60 minutes
antigua race week.jpg (417396 bytes) Don Street, Antigua Race Week
Price $29.95
Antigua Race Week
Award winning production! Sail aboard Street's famous 80 year old wooden yawl, Iolaire, in her last Antigua race. See a splendid array of sailing craft from high tech maxis to classic wooden schooners.         
60 minutes
Herreshoffs, Of Boats and Brothers
(DVD) Price: $29.95
This made-for PBS documentary chronicles the lives and achievments of John and Nat Herreshoff and the world wide reputation they attainted for yacht design. Produced by Tom Garber, Third Wave Films.

The amazing story of John and Nathanael Herreshoff, two brothers, one blind, who achieved excellence in yacht design and construction.

Viewers will hear from Herreshoff descendants, scholars, and historians.
Dramatic period photographs of the yachts, combined with stunning footage of today's restored Herreshoff boats, and an original musical score, make this award winning documentary a "must have" for any serious yachting enthusiast.

(DVD)   Price: $24.95 

 Sea Warriors - The Royal Navy in the Age of Sail is the essential video companion for naval fiction readers. The documentary film features the leading British authors in sea fiction and naval history, and was filmed entirely on location in the United Kingdom. Hosted by naval fiction author and historian Richard Woodman, viewers walk the decks of one of the few remaining frigates from the early nineteenth century, and listen as Douglas Reeman and Julian Stockwin talk about the naval fiction genre and the history behind it. Footage was also filmed in HMS Victory, inside the hallowed halls of the Admiralty in London, and at sea in HMS Endeavour. Interviews with naval historians Tom Pocock, Andrew Lambert, Colin White, Rob Gardiner, and others are also featured. And marine artist Geoffrey Huband discusses the impact of history on his paintings.


Dream of Wooden Boats
(DVD) Price $29.95

From dreams to reality, heartbreak to joy, one man's quest to save a classic.

The movie for anyone who owns or has dreamed of owning a classic wooden boat. Documents the renovation of the classic wooden sailboat ZEPHYR, a John G. Alden Malabar Jr. In the process it gives insight, honesty and wit to topics that are fundamental to the wooden boat community. 

While showing structural repairs to the hull, deck re-canvasing, and engine replacement, this video outlines the basic steps required to get an old boat sailing again. Intercut are scenes of restored classic yachts racing, a profile of John G. ALden, archival motion pictures and photos, and models from the New York Yacht Club Model Room. 

Running Time: 45 minutes 


First Light
(DVD) Price $29.95

A stunning film! You’ll learn of the struggles faced by famed architect/builder, John McComb in building New York’s first lighthouse. Authorized by the nation's first President, George Washington, this was the first sight of a new world, shining on thousands of immigrants coming to America. The waters surrounding Long Island’s Montauk Point are treacherous  with many famous shipwrecks including “Culloden,” “Flying Cloud,” and “John Milton.” 
The film also tells the stories of the lighthouse Keepers, and the surrounding community during times of crises. Their humanitarian response to the hundreds of tragic shipwrecks occurring in the 1800's, is mirrored in the compassion of Giorgina Reid, a 70 year old woman who took it upon herself to save the lighthouse from erosion in the 1970's. Reoccurring accounts of courage and compassion by local residents, over the 200 year history of the lighthouse, illustrate how this edifice has bound the souls of humanity through time. 
New York Emmy Award nominee and Platinum REMI for Best Historical Documentary.  

"First Light is absolutely fantastic...the best ever to be released on the history of a single lighthouse"  Timothy Harrison, President American Lighthouse Foundation & Editor Lighthouse Digest 

Running Time: 55 minutes 

Thomas Edison's Maritime Movies
(DVD) Price $29.95

The Edison Manufacturing Company produced some of America's earliest motion pictures, documenting a nation entering the 20th Century. Maritime activities played a large role in the U.S. culture back then, and this is reflected in Edison's footage. We see boats utilized for recreation, politics, commerce, and entertainment. 
This collection of 20 maritime related subjects, is from the U.S. Library of Congress's Paper Print Collection.

It is interesting to note that Edison originally submitted these films to the U.S. Government for copyright protection. Since copyright laws didn't exist for motion pictures, Edison submitted individual photographic prints of each frame of film to be copyrighted. These "paper prints" were re-photographed, and now comprise a great glimpse into the lifestyle of another generation.

A highlight of the collection is the American Powerboat Association's Gold Cup Regatta on the Hudson River in June of 1904. Each boat traveled 16 miles up and back, with William K. Vanderbilt's "Standard" winning the race, and setting a speed record of 24 MPH. 

Black & White   Running Time: 45 minutes 

Tugging Through Time
(DVD) Price $29.95

The story of New York Harbor tugboats, from the first steam ferries, to today's state of the art Z Drive tractor tugs, is filled with determination, drive, and courage. It is the story of how technology and hard work gave European immigrants a foothold on the American Dream. 

"Tugging Through Time" combines rare footage of early steam tugs, onboard footage of today's modern tugs at work, interviews with tugboat company presidents, and an original music soundtrack. In a most dramatic fashion, the film shows the heroic roles tugboats have played in New York Harbor, including the evacuation of thousands during 9/11.

Award winner: 2009 Bronze Telly for TV Documentary. 
Running Time: 55 minutes

Four DVD box sets
8 DVDs in each box and 3 episodes on each DVD!
Price Per Boxset $39.95

Price for all four $149.95

Buy All Four Boxsets- $149.95

Buy Box Set 1 - $39.95

Buy Box Set 2 - $39.95

Buy Box Set 3 - $39.95

Buy Box Set 4 - $39.95

Sea Hunt was one of the most popular TV shows in syndication in the Sixties. If you watched this series religiously as a kid like we did, you’ll remember the haunting, ominous theme music that reflected perfectly the underwater mystery of the show itself.
Starring Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson who hunted down criminals from the undersea underworld and ran afoul of sharks, manta rays, octopuses and giant sea turtles. He also went after salvage and made daring rescues. There was lots of action on Sea Hunt, and the underwater fight scenes were spectacular!
------------------------------------ Learn to Sail - Instructional DVDs---------------------------------


Buy Part 1 (DVD) Only ($29.99)

Buy Part 2 (DVD) Only ($29.99)
Start Sailing Right 2 DVD Set. New on DVD!
(2 DVD Set. Part 1 and 2) Price $49.95
Now on DVD! The only basic sailing videos ever officially sanctioned
by U.S. Sailing and the American Red Cross. Rated 5 Stars!

Part 1 -Next to being on the water the best way to learn to sail is with
video instruction. Start Sailing Right is used in the US Sailing/American Red
Cross program - the instruction is first rate, comprehensive and
accurate. Learning is fun and easy with video! Techniques such as slow
motion, instant replay, stop action and animation enhance comprehension
of sailing skills. On-screen indexing makes subjects easy to locate.
Most important, Start Sailing Right teaches you the safe way to sail.
Highly recommended for youngsters, junior programs as well as adults
and inexperienced crew.

Part 1 Sections:
1) Sailing Safety
2) The Sailboat
3) Lines & Knots
4) What Makes A Boat Sail
5) Capsize Recovery
6) Man Overboard
7) Introduction To Sails
8) Using Sails

Part 2 -Includes valuable sailing drills to make you a better sailor.
In Part 2 you will learn the skills and techniques to sail upwind and
downwind and how to trim your sails to sail well. You will also learn
to judge weather and currents plus how to safely leave shore and
return. One of the most valuable parts of this video is the section on
sailing drills. These drills help you to learn to sail better and to
sharpen your skills.

We recommend that you learn to sail on the water with a qualified
instructor in a US Sailing/Red Cross program. The Start Sailing Right
videos will be a valuable adjunct to your on water instruction. Watch
them before your course to increase your learning rate when you go out
on a boat. Also, you can return to these videos long after your
instruction for a refresher course to review sailing technique and
safety procedures.

Part 2 Sections:
1) Maneuvering Upwind & Downwind
2) Weather & Currents
3) Sailing Well
4) Leaving & Returning
5) Sailing Drills.

Running time for 2 DVD Set: 95 minutes

Don Street's Sailor's Knots
Price $29.95 Sale $19.95

In this outstanding video Don teaches the knots and their applications so you know when and how to use them, He shows tying knots at normal speed and then cuts to slow close-ups that make it easy to follow each knot tying technique. Then Don shows how he uses the knots aboard Iolaire. Don also teaches tying advanced knots such as the rolling hitch, fishermen's bend and tow boat hitch, plus tips on using heaving lines, stowing sail stops, securing halyards, and how to coil, cleat and repair lines. Shot on deck in Martinique aboard Don's famous yawl, Iolaire.      

60 minutes

Come Sail With Us...  (DVD)
Price $29.95
The best learn-to-sail course on cruising type keel sailboats. The only video of it kind! For anyone wishing to learn or teach sailing on a large, keel type cruising sailboat. It covers basic sailing techniques, anchoring, docking, basic navigation, marine radio, knots, safety and weather. Shows how easy it is to sail! Awarded Video Review magazine's highest rating - 4 stars!

Running time: 35 minutes

(Click to Enlarge)
The Lines Plan by Arno Day
(2 DVD Set) Price $59.95
By Arno Day

In this two hour video course Maine Master Boatbuilder Arno Day teaches the following:
1) Learning the Lines (20 minutes)
You learn the basics of lines plans for boat building. Arno teaches the
definitions of terms for lines drawing, stations, offset tables,
measuring devices, etc..
2) Taking Off Lines (40 minutes)
You learn how to take the lines from any boat and create a lines plan
for it. Arno takes the measurements from an actual boat in his shop.
3) Drawing the Lines (60 minutes)
Arno creates a complete lines plan. He also demonstrates clearly the
types of problems that come up and how to solve them.

This course gives you the confidence to know that you can create lines
plans for designing and building your own boats. Excellent for
boatbuilders of all skill levels.

Running time: Approx 2 hours
(set of two 1 hour discs, sold as set only)
The Art of Lofting
(10 DVD Set!) Price $99.95
By Arno Day

In this 10 hour set of videos you see Maine Master Boatbuilder Arno Day at work as he lofts the 24 ft. falmouth cutter "Seraffyn of Victoria." Designed by noted West Coast designer/builder Lyle Hess. Seraffyn was made famous by Lynn and Larry Pardy sailing her around the world.

Lofting is the process by which a builder draws the design of a boat full size, correcting the errors and fairing the humps and hollows in the skin of the boat before he builds. Correct lofting makes the boat hydrodynamically sound.

Arno demonstrates clearly the types of problems that come up and how to solve them. According to Arno, "Lofting completely saves you a lot of time in the shop. You're more accurate and the boat goes together easier." These videos give you the confidence to know you can do it.

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